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The Voice Behind Argos Social Media Is Coordinator Adam Krueger

Adam Krueger | Social Content Coordinator | Toronto Argos

Managing a social account requires the person to come across as an organic voice, a voice of a fan.

Adam Krueger

Social Content Coordinator

Toronto Argos

× The interview with Adam Krueger was conducted via a typed conversation. Editing changes were made to make it easier to read while maintaining the voice of the interview.

Can you take us through a day as a Social Content Coordinator? How has the recent Covid-19 pandemic impacted your job?

A typical day pre-pandemic would be mainly monitoring the Argos social channels, spending some time planning, capturing, creating and posting content across those channels as well as bouncing between meetings on all things content.

In my current role I also support the Toronto Maple Leafs content, which included attending Leafs home games and capturing content for social, mainly video content for Instagram Stories and Twitter.

I also spend a large chunk of my time working with other departments like Public Relations, Community, Ticketing, and Global Partnerships to make sure their needs on our channels are being executed.

During the pandemic, not a whole lot has changed in my role other than not being physically able to go into the office or capture content at games or events. Social has remained a very active channel during the pandemic be it community engagement, player at home content or social justice messaging. The actual content creation and posting has been continued these last three and a half months.

How (or did) your academic background in Sport Management help prepare you for a career in the sport industry?

My Sport Management degree set me up very well for my career in the sports industry. The program helped set expectations on what the industry had to offer, gave me insights on what the workplace would be like and prepared me for a career at MLSE.

The program also gave me the opportunity to have an internship, which was vital for securing my entry-level position at the company through connections I made during my time with Toronto FC.

What is something you didn’t learn about the sport industry in school that you maybe wish you had?

Specifically, for my current role I didn’t learn about content production or creation at university. I’ve learned the process of content creation through my colleagues at MLSE and using the network I’ve built.

Although school is a great foundation the workplace helps provide opportunities to advance your career. In hindsight to get my role today taking a course in photography, cinematography or the likes could have helped prepare me for a career in social media.

You’ve worked with a big range of sports (hockey, baseball, football, basketball), do you have a favourite? If so, why?

I’ve been very fortunate to have worked across almost all the brands here at MLSE.

Growing up, baseball was my favourite sport. Right now, I have to say its football. Managing a social account requires the person to come across as an organic voice, a voice of a fan.

And when I was asked to take over the Argos accounts it was my job to become that voice, and thus I became a big CFL fan.

First by necessity but now it’s because I love the sport and the team.

You work on social content for the Toronto Argos, the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Toronto Marlies, does your job differ between the teams? Are there any challenges juggling three different teams?

My role with the Leafs and Marlies differ from the Argos because I am not working on them every day, creating or posting content. Both the Leafs and Marlies have someone who runs their accounts and I support them with content ideation and creation.

So far it hasn’t been too challenging to balance because the Argos have such a long offseason that lines up with the Leafs/Marlies seasons so I am able to help during without missing any of the prime football season.

How do you think social media has changed the way sports are branded, marketed and viewed?

Social has become so important for sports teams to connect directly with their fans. I always look at it as the team has three voices to the public. It has the players, the coaches/executives and the social account.

So, for me to get to speak on behalf of the team and the brand it’s a very important position. Before social fans only consumed and heard from the team through traditional media, now there is another outlet for direct connection.

It has also drastically changed the way people consume sports. Highlights on social have become so prevalent that it is a secondary and sometimes the primary channel for fans to follow and watch. I enjoy catching up on highlights on a team’s twitter page.

Anastasiya Romanska Anastasiya's Final Thoughts

Becoming the voice of a sports team involves investment. Toronto Argos Social Media Coordinator Adam Krueger is living proof. He tells us that while school gave him a good foundation, he put in the work to get the content creation, skills and vocal range (no pun intended) he has today. So, next time you watch a story or like a post from the Argos, or any other professional sports team, remember all of the thought and effort that was put into it!

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