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Posted By Emma Greer

Chadwick Boseman stars in the inspirational movie about the life of Jackie Robinson.

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About 42

In 1946, Jackie Robinson is a Negro League baseball player who never takes racism lying down. Branch Rickey is a Major League team executive with a bold idea. To that end, Rickey recruits Robinson to break the unspoken color line as the first modern African American Major League player. As both anticipate, this proves a major challenge for Robinson and his family as they endure unrelenting racist hostility on and off the field, from player and fan alike. As Jackie struggles against his nature to endure such abuse without complaint, he finds allies and hope where he least expects it.

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42's Relation To Sport Business

Jackie Robinson is a name that all sport business professionals should know. 42 depicts his life and shows the great barriers he had to overcome. This movie is a reminder that we must continue the push for equality in sport and that we must always acknowledge the past. Throughout the movie, you do see a hint of the business side of sport, but ultimately, this movie is the story of Jackie Robinson and displays his on-field and personal life. Take inspiration, take the knowledge and take motivation from this movie. Motivation to push forward and honour Jackie Robinson. 

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42 Industry Endorsements

42 has been suggested to us by sport industry professionals we talk to on a regular basis. See a list of those individuals below.

 Industry Professional  Organization  Position
Alex Vanderlaan Golf Canada Operations Coordinator
Devin Beahm Pittsburgh Penguins Senior Manager, Partnership Marketing
Danelle Winfield Los Angeles Sparks Senior Director of Game Operations, Entertainment & Promotions
Alexa Costa Canadian Soccer Business (CSB) Manager, Partnership Marketing
Grace Quinn Cameron Water Polo Canada Sport Development Manager

Why watch 42?

42 is a true story that is said to be very historically accurate. The movie crew worked closely with Rachel, Jackie's wife.

"It was important to me because I wanted it to be an authentic piece. I wanted to get it right. I didn't want them to make him an angry black man or some stereotype, so it was important for me to be in there. ... I love the movie. I'm pleased with it. It's authentic and it's also very powerful." - Rachel Robinson. 

If you are a sports fan, or even if you're not, 42 is a truthful movie that displays the life of Jackie Robinson as a baseball player and day-to-day. The historical accuracy is important to note as it is the main reason to view this movie. 

Jackie Robinson paved the way for a better and more equal sports environment and I personally feel like everyone should know his story. 

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