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The Grizzlie Truth

Posted By ReachCrowds

The Grizzlie Truth

Tells the story of why the Grizzlies left Vancouver in 2001 for Memphis from the eyes of a superfan.

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About The Grizzlie Truth

Superfan filmmaker Kat Jayme investigates the abrupt move of her NBA hometown team, the Vancouver Grizzlies, to Memphis in 2001. Much more than a sore spot, it's an unsolved mystery and possibly a criminal conspiracy. The investigation becomes a love letter to the worst professional sports franchise in history and an exploration into the deep roots of fandom.

The Grizzlie Truth's Relation To Sport Business

An important question to us is why is this movie important to watch for someone working in sport? Documentaries offer an easy-to-understand format on an issue. Clearly, the Vancouver Grizzlies leaving the city is a complicated issue and this documentary makes it easy to understand what happened. But it's not without its biases.

The Grizzlie TruthSport Industry Areas Touched

The Grizzlie Truth Industry Endorsements

The Grizzlie Truth has been suggested to us by sport industry professionals we talk to on a regular basis. See a list of those individuals below.

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