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Boogie is the coming-of-age tale of Alfred "Boogie" Chin, a basketball prodigy living in Queens, New York, who longs to one day play in the NBA. It is the directorial debut of famed writer, producer, and restaurateur Eddie Huang.

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About Boogie

Boogie: movie by Roger Ebert. Eddie Huang wants to demonstrate through Boogie that the Asian-American experience is not necessarily one of humour and appealing to white viewers. A coming-of-age tale about basketball prodigy Alfred "Boogie" Chin, who lives in Queens, New York, and has aspirations of one day competing in the NBA. Boogie has to figure out how to balance a new girlfriend, high school, opponents on the court, and the weight of expectation while his parents push him to concentrate on getting a scholarship to a prestigious institution.

In his first attempt at directing, Eddie Huang created the 2021 American sports drama film Boogie. It features Jorge Lendeborg Jr., Pop Smoke, Taylour Paige, Taylor Takahashi, and Pop Smoke makes his one and only acting film cameo in the picture before he passes away in February 2020. Focus Features issued it on March 5, 2021. The movie made $4.3 million and received varying reviews from reviewers.

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