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Air Bud Golden Receiver

Now we cannot advocate that this is an accurate depiction of how our golden retriever handles a soccer ball, but the movie is charming nonetheless. Air Bud is the same talented pup as he is portrayed in the first film, but further impresses us with his skills new-found football skills in Air Bud Golden Reciever. This family-friendly joy ride is a treat for all ages because let’s face it, who doesn’t love a happy pup playing a game with his fellow teammates!

Why did we put Air Bud Golden Receiver on The Shelf?

Although, a little off the athletic topic, let’s talk about dogs. Or at least this particular golden retriever superstar. To get an idea of the success of this pup, he was also known for his role in Full House as the beloved “Comet”. He was actually first discovered as a stray dog who was raised in San Diego. From there he was trained in a variety of sports like football, soccer, basketball, hockey and baseball. Famously known as the Michael Jordan of dogs, he starred in his first Air bud film as a star basketball player amongst his team. After that, he starred in our cutest movie mention, Air Bud Golden Reciever. The talented superstar sadly past away at 9 years old due to complications from cancer. This talented dog will forever be in our heart, for his amazing athletic abilities that will live on through films like this one. I guess we were not too far off the athletic topic after all.

Air Bud Golden Receiver belongs on The Shelf because...

Now let’s talk about soccer. Soccer is the world’s sport. It’s known for the skills needed, like catching, throwing, tackling and most importantly speed. In this film, we witness a younger crowd playing, therefore not expecting the same aggression as professionals. But, during the championship game, the opposing coach sends his players to tackle Buddy essentially injuring him and getting him out of the game! He was, unfortunately, unable to participate in the rest of the game. I will leave it to you to figure out if they won that game or not.

Although Buddy couldn’t play in the championship game, we did still have the rest of the team still able to participate. I promised I would not give away if our protagonist’s team won or not. But, what I will tell you is that when Buddy was out of the game, the remaining teammates stuck together and worked harder than ever before. It turns out they learned a few skills from our beloved golden retriever and were able to give it their all which was surprisingly better than their usual.

Melissa's Final Thoughts

Is this movie realistic? Well, that is hard to say. But we do know that Buddy was a very talented dog in real life with skills to show up any human being. A movie like this is meant to inspire others and let’s be honest, Buddy is too cute! Consider Air Bud Golden Receiver, part of our shelf!

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