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Take me back to 2004 when Ben Stiller wore that fake mustache and a lot of spandex! Yup, I’m talking about the classic film Dodgeball! With its cringy moments, hilarious jokes and early 2000’s vibe, we cannot help but put this film up on our shelf!

Why did we put Dodgeball on The Shelf?

A lesson we could learn from Dodgeball is that arrogance never wins. Early in the film, we are introduced to White Goodman who owns a gym with a lot of flare. Across the street from Goodman’s gym is another gym owned by Peter Lafleur who is much humbler but a lot less well off. The two owners decide to place a bet which eventually leads them into a dodgeball tournament in order to win $50,000 and save their gyms from demolition. Arrogance eventually gets the best of Goodman, causing him to lose the competition and lose his gym. This is a good reminder that it is always best to play sports with the hopes of some healthy competition rather than trying to win at all costs.

Dodgeball belongs on The Shelf because...

One thing we love about teamwork is that it tends to bring people together who wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet otherwise. On our protagonist, Lafleur’s team is a group of misfits who would not have come together as a team otherwise. And I truly mean misfits when I say it. I mean Steve actually thinks he’s a pirate… The beauty of teamwork is that no matter who is involved, everyone will come together to accomplish the common goal of victory.

Now, let’s get into a sport we don’t get to see in films too often. When some of us think of dodgeball, we get stressful flashbacks to our childhood, getting our butts whooped by rubber balls in gym class. If you don’t, you are probably one of the lucky ones. Although a sport not as mainstream as football or baseball, dodgeball is played competitively around the world and is especially popular in India called “Sekan-tadi”. It’s all a matter of perspective, but for reminding us of our childhood, we definitely want to add this one on our shelf.

Melissa's Final Thoughts

An American classic with jokes that can only be recognized as humour from the time period it was released, this fun, sporty movie shows us something a little different than what you normally get from a lot of sports films. One thing it has in common with them though is that we are reminded to never give up. For these reasons, Dodgeball takes a spot on the shelf!

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