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Posted By Andres Larranaga

Fimpen is about 6 year old Johan "Fimpen" Bergman being drafted to Sweden's national soccer team.

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About Fimpen

Johan Bergman, nicknamed Fimpen, is a 6-year-old soccer lover. He is also very skilled in the sport. So much so, that he is recruited to play for the Swedish National Team in their 1974 World Cup Qualifiers. He quickly becomes a national idol, loved by all. Getting to travel with the team and doing well seems to be the life for young Johan. But, his schooling starts to become affected. He's falling behind and can't keep up. He'll have to find a way to balance both sport and education before everything falls apart. Is he up for the challenge? Check out Fimpen to find out!

Fimpen's Relation To Sport Business

Fimpen is a film that follows the professional side of sport and player side. Johan is recruited at the age of 6 to play for the national team. A success that makes him a hero in Sweden. The film is also a reminder of the importance of education. Children into sport will sometimes neglect their school work. Something that could affect their future as an athlete if they aren't easily discovered. With Johan's struggle to keep up, we see the right balance needs to be found. With the games being centred around World Cup Qualifiers, we see the qualification phase of a major sporting tournament. This is one that many soccer-loving families will enjoy! Check it out when you get the chance.

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Why watch Fimpen?

Fimpen is a family-friendly soccer movie that many can enjoy. Young Johan will inspire all young soccer players that dream of making it big. The film also sends the positive message that education is important. Without it, things can fall apart. It's a balance that Johan struggles with and one that many of us can relate to in other aspects of our own lives. Official reviews of the movie are mixed, but as far as fan reviews go, it's well-received. Soccer fans, don't miss this family movie! Add it to your sports movie watchlist soon!

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