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Fittest in Dubai

Posted By Andres Larranaga

Fittest in Dubai

Fittest in Dubai shows us the qualifications for the CrossFit Games in the United States.

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About Fittest in Dubai

Bringing in athletes from around the world, The Dubai CrossFit Championship was a sanctioned competition that acted as a qualifier for the CrossFit Games in the United States. The first place male and female would be the qualifiers. Fittest in Dubai is a documentary that follows this intense competition and shows how fierce some of these athletes competing are. Many of us already know how intense CrossFit is. Seeing it played out in this competition shows how this sport is on a whole other level when it comes to fitness. It's not a sport you typically see a documentary based on, but it shows that there is still a lot of intensity in solo athletes and not just in team sports.

Fittest in Dubai's Relation To Sport Business

Fittest in Dubai is a documentary that shows us a few sides to sport. The main one being fitness. CrossFit is one of the toughest forms of fitness and we see it in this documentary. One of their goals is even to showcase the spirit of fitness. We also see the athletes involved pushing their limits to succeed. And although not everyone can win, the man and woman who do have a lot to be proud of. Succeeding not only in winning their respective competitions, but qualifying for the CrossFit Games in the United States. For anyone wanting to work in the sports industry, this is another side of sport you may not have thought of before. It's another great option and should be a documentary to see. 

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Why watch Fittest in Dubai?

Fittest in Dubai is a must-watch for anyone who enjoys anything intense! This tournament is unlike anything you'll ever see. The fitness and strength it takes to get through to be on top is beyond what you can imagine. And all this is just a qualifier! Many people already realize that CrossFit is not easy, so seeing these athletes compete is definitely a motivator. Even if not to join CrossFit but just to work out at your own personal level. At 60 minutes, it's not a long documentary either and can easily be watched like any regular hour-long show on TV. Anyone into this type of fitness will be sure to enjoy it! So, make sure this one gets on your sports watch list soon.

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