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Posted By Melissa Mihalis

Violence, back talk and unlimited body checking. This one is definitely not one for the whole family. Goon is an action pact hockey film that is both a little grotesque and heartwarming

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About Goon

One thing this film demonstrates is the importance of finding your passion. In the film Goon Doug Glatt has a hard time fitting in with the world around him. He started off working as a bouncer for a nightclub, feeling unmotivated and not belonging to the environment around him. After getting into a fight and demonstrating skills not commonly seen, he gets scouted to join a hockey time as an enforcer. For those who are not familiar with hockey, an enforcer is someone as a fighter on the ice. Through becoming this important part of the team, Glatt learns that there was more to his life than what he thought he was capable of. It goes to show that when you’re feeling unmotivated, you never know what’s to come.

Goon's Relation To Sport Business

Let’s talk about Canada’s national sport HOCKEY! We love a good old hockey game! Again, we do not advocate for the bloodshed in these games but we can also get excited about a good fight on the ice. Hockey is a sport that promotes sportsmanship and teamwork making the dream work. Although it is not completely certain where exactly the sport actually originated, we like to celebrate it like it is our own. After all, hockey is a community sport bringing people together.

Now let’s talk about safety in hockey. Obviously, a lot of injury takes place throughout Goon, so it's important to remember what hockey players do while they get into those brawls on the ice. One thing that stands out in the film is that a lot of players don’t wear visors or cages on their helmets during their games. This is significant because it is important to acknowledge that this is not necessarily realistic. This film does demonstrate moments of exaggeration ESPECIALLY when it comes to the brutality that takes place. Hockey is fun. A little fighting on the ice is fun. Losing an eye… isn’t that fun. Play safe, get a second piece on that helmet.

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Why watch Goon?

Goon is a funny film with huge insight into the game of hockey. It allows us into the sport by demonstrating finding individual passion and acknowledging how to play safely on the ice. We love knowing how much this film has to offer and we want to make sure you get the opportunity to enjoy it as well.

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