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High School Musical

You there Wildcats? I CAN’T HEAR YOU! Yes, It’s time to talk about an all-time childhood classic, High School Musical and why it belongs on our shelf. You cannot deny the popularity of this classic hit. In this film, we have some great themes we are excited to discuss today. We have themes like the importance of school sports, hard choices and the importance of friendship.

Why did we put High School Musical on The Shelf?

I don’t know about you, but I have never come across a school more patriotic to its own team like East High School. One thing that this school had over most schools, is school pride. The classic red and white colours remained that way for the rest of the franchise thanks to the powerful influence of the East High School Wildcats basketball team. During pep rallies and school games, almost the entire school would attend and show their team some love. Now, whether or not that is an accurate depiction of an actual high school… that is debatable. But, with school pride like that, we can’t help but be a little jealous of that kind of community.

High School Musical belongs on The Shelf because...

In this film, one of our main protagonists Troy Bolton is faced with a couple of difficult choices. First, he is faced with wanting to sing in his schools’ production, But, he is the captain of the school’s basketball team and basketball players don’t sing at this high school. Troy is then faced with the choice of winning the heart of the girl he loves or playing basketball. We quickly learn that his school basketball team is pretty territorial over their captain. Basketball or performing? Basketball or the girl of your dreams? Decisions… decisions! Don’t worry though, because this Wildcat figures out what the right thing to do really is, and does not give us an ending thats disappoints.

Playing basketball means being part of a team. With a team comes friendships worthy enough to last a lifetime. When Bolton’s friendship with his best friend Chad gets challenged in the film, the rest of Bolton’s life seems to fall apart. He begins to have poor free throws, he doesn’t attend all of his rehearsals anymore, and he starts to distance from love interest, Gabriella. Later in the film, Chad lets Bolton know that he can do what feels right to him, and he will be there to support him. His game on the court then begins to improve and he ends up with the girl. Is that a feel-good ending or what?

Melissa's Final Thoughts

This is definitely a film for the whole family with lessons that should be kept in your back pocket. Now not all of us can relate to being so talented at so many things that we are forced to choose between them. But we like to imagine that we are that amazing. A film like this is not everyone’s cup of tea, but this musical teaches lessons that should not be forgotten after childhood. For that, we recommend you take a trip down memory lane and rewatch Disney’s High School Musical once again.

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