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Holy Goalie

Posted By Andres Larranaga

Holy Goalie is about a young priest bringing together some monks to form a soccer team to save their monastery from becoming a hotel.

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About Holy Goalie

Holy Goalie brings a story about some monks living at a small monastery. The monastery, however, is facing a transformation that will see it turned into a hotel due to a lack of income. Their newest monk comes up with a new idea to bring in money and save their beloved monastery. He suggests they learn to play soccer to compete in the Champions Clerum, a soccer tournament in Vatican City. Becoming the underdogs, they must fight their hardest to keep their home. But, will they be able to overcome their challenges and defeat the unbeaten Vatican squad? Or should they just pack up and give up? Check it out on Netflix today!

Holy Goalie's Relation To Sport Business

Holy Goalie focuses on the amateur side of sport as well as the player side. When the monastery of some monks is in danger of being sold so it can be replaced by a hotel, they come together to play soccer and save their home. With the group being underdogs, they'll have to train hard to be able to beat the unbeaten Vatican team. With topics like age, commitment and corruption covered, we see whether or not they have what it takes, or if everyone even wants the same thing. See if this team can be triumphant in Holy Goalie.

Holy GoalieSport Industry Areas Touched

Holy Goalie Industry Endorsements

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Why watch Holy Goalie?

Holy Goalie is a sport comedy worth watching! Though it does take on the classic underdog story, it's done so in an original way. And it's not a difficult story to follow along but it is in Spanish, so non-speakers prepare for subtitles! Soccer fans, watch this team as they fight against all odds, determined to win and save their monastery. You'll learn to fight for what you want and not to give up, no matter the odds stacked against you. Be sure to give this one a watch and add it to your sport movie watch list soon!

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