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Movies are meant to tell a story that can sometimes inspire, educate, or entertain. Invincible does just that with the amazing story of Vince Papale and his adventure in creating his place in history. He was able to exceed everyone’s expectations of him and do something no one was able to do before him and no one has been able to do since him.

Why did we put Invincible on The Shelf?

One thing that we know all too well in the sports industry, is unfortunately ageism. A very predominate issue in the industry, this can be found in both sports media AND athletes. For this particular shelf item, we are going to focus on ageism is being an athlete. Many football players tend to retire by 35 years old. Our main protagonist is advised against trying out for the Philadelphia Eagles team because he is around 30 years old. With only some high school experience and technically close to retirement age, Papale is not exactly prime rookie material. Nonetheless, he proves everyone wrong and went on to be the oldest rookie in the history of the NFL to play with almost no football while in college.

Invincible belongs on The Shelf because...

One thing that we LOVE about this film is that it’s a true story! Vince Papale was a real guy who went against the advice of others and beat the odds to make himself happy. Interestingly enough, the real Papale after retiring from the NFL went on to work as a broadcaster and eventually a commercial mortgage broker. And of course had a movie made based on his life. He unfortunately did suffer from cancer in 2001 but has since recovered and to this day encourages people to make sure they are going for regular checkups! True stories are super important to us because its movies like Invincible that let us know that it’s never too late to follow our dreams no matter how big they are.

In the film Invincible, a few valuable lessons are displayed on the screen for us. A big one for us is to simply never give up when times seem hard. Very early in the film, Pascal loses his job, his wife leaves him and you can generally witness his spirits go way way down. But guess what, his life became something worthy enough to be recreated on the big screen! He recognized his own potential that he held within him all along and brought it to light.

Melissa's Final Thoughts

This film has the potential to inspire generations to come and therefore NEEDS to be on our shelf. It tells a very unique story and teaches valuable lessons to aspiring athletes and dreamers everywhere. This is a recommended view for the whole family!

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