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Molly's Game

Posted By Melissa Mihalis

Molly’s Game is a film based on the life of Molly Bloom as it evolves from competitive skier to runner of underground poker games. Now how does your life go from point A to point B just like that? Well, you may want to watch this one to figure that out.

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About Molly's Game

Imagine training your whole life and dedicating everything you have to your sport, only to injure yourself? Your entire career than in shambles and all your hard work and dedication out the window? That would cause incredible devastation for most athletes. But for Molly, it was the beginning of her training for a whole new game.

After suffering her injury and moving to Los Angeles, Molly worked a few small jobs before discovering her passion for participating in another kind of sport. She began hosting poker games. But, not just any kind of poker game. After the recession in 2008, she began organizing games with the richer part of New York society. When hosting high-stake poker tournaments with A-list celebrities, you have to pay taxes. Molly failing to do so resulted in the government stepping in and looking deeper into the work she did.

Molly's Game's Relation To Sport Business

Although the life of Ms. Bloom may have been a slippery slope, you cannot miss her name in the competitive world of poker. Famous for her contributions to the community, she wrote a memoir that was published in 2014 called Molly’s Game: The True Story of the 26-Year-Old Woman Behind the Most Exclusive, High-Stakes Underground Poker Game in the World. The book received so much attention that it was later adapted into the film we are speaking about today: Molly’s Game. If you are a frequent reader of our work, then you are well aware of how much we love a film based on a true story.

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Molly's Game Industry Endorsements

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Why watch Molly's Game?

A film like this can be a little stress-inducing but very insightful in the world of poker. An evolving sport with a huge following, we think it can be pretty insightful to put this one on your list. Molly is relatable because we can all understand the urge to find a new passion when our original plan comes crashing down. For that reason and many more, Molly’s Game gets a spot on our shelf.

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