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Have you ever wondered what it takes to build a championship calibre team or the way organizations build their teams? In 2011, the movie ‘Moneyball’ debuted and it showed the viewers the ins and outs of what went into making that illustrious 2002 Oakland Athletics on one of the tightest budgets in professional baseball at the time. This movie provided a great analysis of the jobs involved in making a team whether it be a baseball team or any other professional team. This movie provided great detail about what it takes to work for a well-known organization. These are the reasons why this movie landed on the SHELF!

Why did we put Moneyball on The Shelf?

Let’s talk about all the jobs that went into getting that team to the way it was, it all started with the brains of the operation Billy Beane as the general manager for the Oakland Athletics. He made all the crucial decisions and was cut-throat when making these decisions. Alongside general manager Beane, was his assistant general manager Peter Brand. He was Billy’s right-hand man for reading all player data and showing Billy who would be a great addition to the team. The movie showed what each job entails and the hardships that go along with it, from losing out on a deal to even your own fans hating the way that the organization is going.

Moneyball belongs on The Shelf because...

This movie also showed viewers watching about the ins and outs of the way a professional team conducts its business. For individuals that want to work in the sports management field, this movie provides good insight into the different tasks and roles involved. It definitely gave me a great look at what to expect and the pressure involved by not just the general manager but from all the people involved in accomplishing certain tasks. Each of them relies on each other to maintain success throughout the organization. It’s a team effort!

Rikesh's Final Thoughts

If you are intrigued by how a professional organization runs its show, in this case, the infamous Oakland Athletics in 2002, then this movie is perfect for you. It provides great insight into how things are run and what roles need to be filled by competent people to successfully build an organization that has the potential to win a championship.

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