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Planet FIFA

Posted By Andres Larranaga

Planet FIFA brings the deep corruption rooted in FIFA, the world governing body of soccer.

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About Planet FIFA

This 2016 documentary on Netflix is focused on the years of corruption surrounding FIFA, the world governing body of soccer. Now, it is originally in French, but most of it is narration and interviews with people who speak different languages, so you're ok to change your language without any weird dubbing or just adding in subtitles. Many already knew or at least has an idea of the corruption that lies in FIFA. More specifically, in the World Cup bidding process. We start off with a brief history of the organization and take a look through some of the first World Cup's. Then we get into corruption happening as early as 1974 with Brazilian Joao Havelange taking over as president of FIFA. That is a dark area where he paid off some FIFA dues of a few African nations who in turn, voted for him to be president. From there, things only get more corrupt.

In 2015, the FBI accused and convicted many in FIFA across all confederations on different cases of fraud, bribery and money laundering. How could something on this scale happen for so long? How many World Cups were actually voted legitimately? Because we do get confirmation on which ones were bribed up until 2022. It's an interesting watch, especially for those into soccer and documentaries on corruption cases. 

Planet FIFA's Relation To Sport Business

Being a documentary, this has everything to do with the sports world. Planet FIFA delves into the massive scandal we all knew was happening behind closed doors. For a governing body of this size, it was a very big deal. This wasn't just some match-fixing payout to a referee, but a multi-million corrupted operation run by the leaders of FIFA and the leaders of each FIFA confederation (CONCACAF, CONMEBOL, UEFA, etc.). Though many have already plead guilty, the full investigation is still ongoing and may take a few more years to complete. Find out about FIFA's beginning, fall into corruption and the sports organization side of sports by watching Planet FIFA.

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Why watch Planet FIFA?

If documentaries are your thing, add this one to your list. As a sports fan, you'll feel the anger that a sport governing body can get away with this for so long. Back when this was all happening, it shook the soccer world to its core. We knew it was happening, but to see everyone that was involved was shocking. With Planet FIFA we get all the details we didn't see in the news. For anyone in the sports industry, it's an eye-opener of the people you could be working with and sets an example that you definitely should not follow. When you need a break from sports dramas or comedies, this should be your next pick!

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