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Raising the Bar

Posted By Andres Larranaga

An American teen gymnast moves to Australia with her mother and re-enters the competitive sport.

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About Raising the Bar

American teenager Kelly is a talented gymnast. However, one day there is an incident that results in her team not winning the championship. This leads to Kelly becoming hated by her team. Not long after, she and her mother move to Australia. Kelly is done with gymnastics and wants nothing to do with the sport anymore. That is until she makes a friend who is a gymnast. There is a team that sees how good she is and encourages her to join. And when her new friend gets an injury that rules her out of competition, she must finally step in to help. Is she up for the task of taking the team to success? Or will Kelly repeat history once again and hate gymnastics forever?

Raising the Bar's Relation To Sport Business

Raising the Bar shows us the player side of sport and gender in sport. Both are quite obvious as the movie focuses on these young female athletes. We see the training they go through for competitions and the rivalries that exist between teams. Both of which make for a fierce competition in the movie and in real tournaments. No matter the sport, each one has its importance to those who love it. That includes gymnastics as is made clear in this film. It’s definitely one that fans of the sport need to see.

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Why watch Raising the Bar?

Raising the Bar is a family-friendly gymnastics movie for all to enjoy. It’s funny, moving and does a great job at entertaining its target audience. Young gymnasts will feel motivated to pursue their dreams and envision themselves in the spot of these characters. It’s movies like this that put out these positive messages that should be highlighted for young athletes in ANY sport. And yes, the plot is similar to many underdog stories, but that doesn’t mean it should be ignored. Every movie puts its own spin on this classic genre and it should definitely be given a chance. So, families and gymnasts, be sure to add this one to your list soon!

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