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Remember the Titans

Posted By Andres Larranaga

Remember the Titans

Denzel Washington portrays real-life high-school football coach Herman Boone, who in 1971 integrates a racially divided football team.

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About Remember the Titans

Remember the Titans is a drama based on a true story. The year is 1971 in Alexandria, Virginia. T.C. Williams High School is newly integrated and facing increasing racial tensions. Herman Boone, a black football coach who was supposed to coach the school's black team, is assigned to the white team's coaching staff before being offered the position of head coach. With this, he unites the teams to form one sole team for the high school and makes it clear that black or white does not matter to him. This is the cause of a lot of tension on the team, one that Boone needs to fix to lead his team to success. Not only to unite a divided team and school but to keep his job. Because if he loses even 1 game, he's gone. 

Remember the Titans's Relation To Sport Business

Remember the Titans brings us the high-school side of sport in a time when a lot of society was divided. Head coach Herman Boone is the man brought on to lead the school to success and to ease tensions. Of course, this leads to tensions itself at times. Diversifying a team that already has a certain perception is no easy task. But with his coaching, training and a motivational speech thrown in, Boone starts to get through to them. Even so, he's still told he's gone if the team loses even 1 game this season. Normally, coaches would have a lot more chances than this to prove themselves but these were different times. However, and this can be searched up, he leads the team 13-0 that season. 

Being based on a true story, we get a look at life after the events of the movie. The movie even starts off in 1981, ten years later, where the former team all attend a funeral. Sadly, for one of their own teammates, Gerry Bertier. It's a sad story where shortly after their successful season, he was involved in a car accident where he was paralyzed from the waist down. He went on to become a Paralympian where he won gold in shot put at the Paralympic Games. Shortly after that, he was killed in another car accident that involved a drunk driver. It isn't a great outcome for him or the team but everyone will surely remember the titans of 1971.

Remember the TitansSport Industry Areas Touched

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Remember the Titans Industry Endorsements

Remember the Titans has been suggested to us by sport industry professionals we talk to on a regular basis. See a list of those individuals below.

 Industry Professional  Organization  Position
Nekias Duncan, The Dunker Spot Writer and Podcaster
Amanda Ballestero Buffalo Bisons Game Day Entertainment Coordinator
Evan Colborne Wilfrid Laurier University Athletics & Recreation Department Marketing and Communications Manager
Matthew Kassabian Erin Mills Soccer Club General Manager
Candace Johnson The Ohio State University Football Coordinator of Career and Professional Development

Why watch Remember the Titans?

It's an inspiring true story about coming together to do great things. Remember the Titans brings this real story to life and though they add in things for dramatic purposes, it still sends the same message. The real coach Herman Boone accomplished an amazing task in uniting a divided team and his legacy will forever live on in this film. For any sports fan, it's an important movie and for me, it's personally one of the best sports movies of all time. Be sure to add this one to your list as soon as possible!

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