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The Blind Side

Great potential lays inside all of us. But not all of us are given the same opportunity to use it. The Blind Side is a film not to be taken for granted. The true story of Michael Oher and how one family gave him the help he needed to make it in the world that pushed him down. The former NFL player lived in poverty and struggled to do what we take for granted like the ability to read at the average level. The Blind Side is on our shelf for inspiring us to lend out a hand in order to bring out the full potential of others.

Why did we put The Blind Side on The Shelf?

A lesson in helping others is always something that we want to share for years to come! Who knows? Maybe lending a hand may help someone become so incredible that they are drafted into the NFL. You know, something casual like that! Michael Oher was in foster home after foster home due to his mother suffering from numerous addictions. After a favour is done on his behalf, he ends up at a high school where he eventually comes across a family that sees potential in him that has yet to be tapped. With their assistance and the new special attention received by his teachers, he eventually does well enough to be accepted by numerous post-secondary schools who want to grant him scholarships so he could play football for them. Dreams do come true and all it took was a few helping hands.

The Blind Side belongs on The Shelf because...

It’s a cute story, but a huge part of its charm is the fact that it’s a true story. We love true stories on our shelf! Michael Oher was a teenager with a rough life and not much support. But one thing he had was talent! Oher struggled to find his place in the world until he was confronted by Leigh Anne Tuohy. Tuohy a mother who noticed Oher’s struggles and wanted to help him find his footing. Before you knew it, she and her husband full on adopted him and gave him a place of belonging. Today Oher is known as a former football player for the NFL.

Who said grades don’t matter? The Blind Side is a perfect example of why athletic talents alone are not the only necessary credential to make it in the big leagues! Oher struggled with basic literacy, math and essentially everything but football and you do need specific grade point averages to even get into college and actually succeed with football as a career! Little reminders like this are ESSENTIAL for making the right choices that will define our futures. Oher was given a tutor and special attention from his teachers that would eventually help him to succeed. So, we thank The Blind Side for giving us this reminder and also reminding us to open up those books!

Melissa's Final Thoughts

The Blind Side is a film with important messages that are meant to inspire. Michael Oher had untapped potential with a strong career ahead but needed the help of others to get him started. This true story demonstrated the importance of a helping hand and to remind us that you may be an athletic talent but that’s not the only thing you need to be able to participate in sport at top levels. The Blind Side gets the stamp of approval for our shelf.

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