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The Fighter

It is not easy to create an award-winning film, but with actors like Christian Bale involved, I can imagine it’s not too difficult. The Fighter is a film based off of a real HBO documentary called “High on Crack Street: Lost Lives in Lowell” and follows two brothers on their quest to transform one of them into a successful boxer. The film explores hard to swallow topics like drug addiction. Brother Dicky Ekland suffers from cocaine addiction which eventually gets him into trouble with the law. But before that happens, his brother Micky Ward is trained by him and is faced with unfairness in the sport. The boys are later exposed to a too well-done produced documentary on their lives and look to redeem their reputation for the world and for themselves. Today we will explore those themes and by the time we are done, you won’t be able to stop yourself from getting The Fighter on your shelf.

Why did we put The Fighter on The Shelf?

Addiction can get very dark and destroy families entirely. This film demonstrates that from accurately depicting what this particular family went through. Ekland clearly suffers from a cocaine addiction that seems to be the centrefold of the film. Although the family desperately tries to focus on boxing as the priority, it is hard to forget how the brother used to box himself until he fell into a spiral of addiction from being the successful boxer he once was. This can be expected to have happened due to the success of him as a boxer becoming incredibly overwhelming and him looking for a quick fix. Before your heart completely breaks for the late boxer, he is doing great today! The real Eklandrose up after his tragic downfall, and now works as a trainer, boxing coach and influential speaker at numerous colleges to spread motivation to students. Not such a tragic ending after all!

The Fighter belongs on The Shelf because...

Professional sports with the right authority should be presented fairly. In boxing, it is important to be within the same weight class as your competitor. Well early in the film, Ward is ready to compete in his fight and quickly realizes that his competitor is 20lbs heavier than he is. In boxing, THAT IS A LOT! You can imagine the defeat that took place from that one. This gives us a great reminder to always look out and demand fairness in whatever sport you participate in. This loss brought great tragedy to this brother, due to him hoping it would be his redemption match. Unfortunately, it did the opposite for him and only added another loss to the books. We recommend this movie on your shelf for the healthy reminder that you demand fairness from your competitor. Play smart and play fair.

What is better than a movie with a tragic downfall, followed by a great redemption? NOTHING! This movie shakes us to the core with a nerve-racking ending that brings great satisfaction to viewers. Sorry for the spoiler alert, but everything did kind of work out in the end. Ekland works on tackling his addiction, Ward becomes a pretty successful boxer and the brothers work out their differences. As a side note, he also gets the girl. The majority of the film’s cinematography works in theme with the film for presenting a dark feeling film along with its dark themes. But the film becomes brighter by the end of its story, demonstrating the growth of the characters within it. The matter of it also being based on real events, help us walk away from the film feeling pretty motivated and good inside.

Melissa's Final Thoughts

Straight up, this is an incredibly well-done film. And we are especially impressed by another yet again weight fluctuation check from Christian Bae for this film. He TRANSFORMS for this role and brings the story to life. Also, with an incredible performance from Mark Wahlberg, Amy Adams and Melissa Leo as well? You want to check this one out.

On The shelf