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The Karate Kid

Let’s go a little further back than usual. Today for our film of choice, we are going to go as far back as 1983. The Karate Kid!  And no, not the version with Jaden Smith. The one we are looking at today actually starred Ralph Macchio. A little retro for our modern audiences but we promise that this one does NOT disappoint.

Why did we put The Karate Kid on The Shelf?

Now the first reason we are placing this film on the shelf is for the obvious reason, KARATE! Karate originates thousands of years ago and is a practise that requires training and discipline that goes beyond the usual sport requirements. It also can take up to an entire lifetime to master. It is a sport of great integrity and commitment. We follow a boy named Daniel LaRusso on his journey to learn karate under the teachings of his handyman who is trained in the arts. Eventually, he is to participate in a high profile match against an opponent where he shows how truly committed he is to the craft. Trust me, it is a scene you HAVE to see if you are looking for any form of motivation to get up and training!

The Karate Kid belongs on The Shelf because...

One thing that we love is exploring new cultures which we get to do in this film. The Karate Kid explores the concept of being thrown into a new culture and learning to appreciate everything it offers. Daniel not only learns Karate but some of the traditions and customs of Chinese culture. The culture clash for him was difficult at first, but come to the end of the film, he has a new appreciation for it.  This creates a lot of character development for our main protagonist. We love a film with a positive ending like that!

Another theme we want to explore in the film is friendship in all shapes and sizes. A lot of the time we make situational friends. In this film, Daniel befriends his handyman after he helps him out of a tough situation. From there Daniel learns the craft of karate from him in order to be able to defend himself against his bullies independently. Through these training sessions, a bond grows between the two, creating a friendship that would never have taken place if not given the opportunity. This demonstrates that positive things happen even in the WORST of situations. This is an inspiring reminder to always look forward to the positivity waiting ahead.

Melissa's Final Thoughts

The original Karate Kid is an incredible film that gets a lot of love from us and people around the world. It explores a sport that doesn’t get too much recognition from North American production companies, therefore we advocate HUGE for this one. We will let you borrow this one from our shelf.

On The shelf