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The Last Whistle

Is winning at all costs really worth it when it costs a life? The Last Whistle directed by Rob Smat is based on a true story and is the perfect blend of drama and heartfelt moments. You might notice Brad Leland for his famous role as Buddy Garrity in another football drama television series “Friday Night Lights” but you won’t be prepared for his change in persona as Coach Vick. Leland is portrayed as a fearlessly aggressive character looking to climb his way into a head coaching position at a prestigious university, whatever the cost. The Last Whistle explores the wild truth about the gruesome experiences and unrealistic expectations some athletes are forced to face.

Why did we put The Last Whistle on The Shelf?

Leland plays an unforgiving, unsympathetic, impractical football coach who is looking to climb his way to the top of the crop with a chance to obtain a position as the head coach of one of the most prestigious universities in football. Coach Vick is so blinded by winning at all costs, he failed to notice his athletes suffering right in front of his eyes. When a member of his squad decides to show up late to a practice, the whole team had to pay the price – unfortunately one paid with his life. Benny, one of Coach Vick’s favourites, had an undiagnosed heart condition that led him to a fatal collapse while being forcefully punished for his slacking teammate.

The Last Whistle belongs on The Shelf because...

Athletes are often looked at from a physical component, but what happens when the mental aspect of the game becomes too tough? What happens when your body and your mind start to shut down? The Last Whistle brings the perfect amount of awareness to all things mental, physical and emotional when it comes to the task of being a coach and an athlete. When faced with the loss of her son, Benny’s mom files a lawsuit against Coach Vick – not to seek monetary value, but in hopes for him to never coach again. The traumatic experience leads to unforeseen instabilities amongst the team dynamic and Coach Vick’s future.

Laura's Final Thoughts

If you are interested in a heartfelt, tear-jerking drama – get The Last Whistle on your shelf immediately! This film explores all the details of what life in sport is like from the inside looking out. As a fan, you might always be engaged in the game, the performances, the excitement, but often are not prepared for the reality of the mental and emotional component that comes alongside the entertainment they provide fans. We caution that before you watch The Last Whistle, you prepared to endure raw moments as this type of film is not for everybody. Once you are ready to take a night off and snuggle up with some snacks, we will have it up on our shelf for you to check out!

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