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The Shallows

Posted By Melissa Mihalis

Sometimes dropping out of med school to surf the beaches of Mexico is necessary for personal growth. For this young surfer, it involved facing death in the face to realize what she wanted for herself.

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About The Shallows

Surfing is an incredible craft that should not be taken for granted. Nancy Adams shows this in the earlier montages in the film, demonstrating the skill needed to balance on those waves. Not only does she demonstrate the core strength require to stay balanced on the board, but the ability to remain balanced through the natural elements before her.

Adams gets the idea to leave medical school and fly down to the shores of Mexico and surf the same waves that her late mother surfed, before passing to Cancer. She does this in order to feel close to her mother again. A devastating truth we learn real quick in the film is that the pain and suffering she endured from watching her mom become sick and eventually pass away, she is able to channel into a strength that keeps her alive when confronted with a murderous shark that should not be near such shallow waters. She channels the pain she suffered through losing her mom as a strength for the fight of her life.

The Shallows's Relation To Sport Business

To surf, there are two important aspects to consider before you get started. One, getting the right board is not as simple as getting the coolest looking one. They are made differently and it is important to select the one right for you. Two, learning the absolute basics is essential but cannot completely prepare you. It is important to consider the curvature of the waves and that they are NEVER consistent. Surfing goes beyond skill; you have to be straight up braver than the rest.

Safety precautions should always be taken when perusing our favourite sports. An example from the movie, the moment Adams realized her surfing buddy was backing out, she should have rescheduled her surf day. It is vital that when exploring new territory with a low population that SOMEONE knows where you are and when to expect you back. Or you may end up laying on the back of a dead whale in the middle of the ocean, praying that someone else decided to surf that very day as well. Injuries, trauma and death can be avoided when the right precautions are made. So surf smart, go with a partner!

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Why watch The Shallows?

The Shallows is a film that demonstrates healthy reminders of why and how to conduct certain sports of our choosing. It reminds us of the sentimental value of why we choose certain sports, how to never give up when it seems impossible to win and to always play safe. But also reminds us that surfing is just plain epic!

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