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Uncle Drew

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Uncle Drew is a sports comedy movie based on a basketball tournament in Harlem revolving around retired basketball athletes and a passionate man from Harlem.

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About Uncle Drew

This sport movie is about a man from Harlem named Dax who put all the money he has in into a team for a street ball tournament with the hopes to achieve a grand prize. Dax loses his team to his lifelong rival which leads to him coming across the legend Uncle Drew who is much older than his younger days but still has the skill. Despite Uncle Drew's age Dax agrees to travel across the country to reunite with Uncle Drew's old basketball squad in hopes of winning the tournament. They face many setbacks and issues along the way which are crucial to the development of the movie. This sports movie features many different famous basketball athletes such as Kyrie Irving, Shaquille O'Neal, Chris Weber, Nate Robinson, Reggie Miller and many more! If you are a basketball fan or enjoy a good laugh this is the perfect movie for you!

Uncle Drew's Relation To Sport Business

Life after sport is not always a good thing as many athletes or industry professionals can feel lost once retired. In the sport movie Uncle Drew it shows elderly sport athletes who are no longer apart of the game of basketball and have moved on to other passions which are ways to replace their basketball drive. Throughout the movie Uncle Drew regains his passion for basketball while on his journey with Dax and reuniting with his old basketball squad. As the movie progresses you begin to learn that Uncle Drew (Kyrie Irving) and Big Fella (Shaquille O'Neal) have a previous unresolved conflict which lead to them hating each other. Once they begun playing basketball again together which is what made them friends in the first place they then open up more and start talking rather then being petty which leads to them becoming an excellent team. This movie shows that regardless of your age, struggles or whatever you are going through life after sport can be an amazing thing! Just stay active and passionate!

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Why watch Uncle Drew?

Uncle Drew is an amazing and funny movie which has some of the greatest basketball talents in the world and some of the funniest acting you will ever see. You will take a wild trip and see all the ups and downs through a man named Dax and the fun adventures he experiences with Uncle Drew and his squad. You will see various different conflicts faced and explore many different personalities which will teach you about the unique way's people approach situations regardless of what they face! Uncle Drew is full of passionate athletes who just want to play basketball and have fun, get the family together and enjoy this one!

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