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ADRIENNNNNNNE. Oh, wait, not that one! But this film does tie-up with THAT Rocky. I promise. Who doesn’t enjoy the classics? You can go back to them and watch them over and over and almost never get bored with them. BUT, is it possible to move forward in the same franchise after the original became a classic? Well Creed attempted to do just that and we’re NOT mad about it. You have a film that one, discusses boxing, two, shows us what REAL training is, and three does not fail after following the classic Rocky franchise. Allow me to pull this one down from the shelf for you.

Why did we put Creed on The Shelf?

Boxing is a sport that is not for fair hearted. But before you completely turn away from the idea, know that it isn’t just straight punching. It goes deeper than that. You can jab, cross, hook, uppercut. And those are just the types of hits. Defending is a whole other game. Boxing is said to go back to ancient Greece, so you can imagine the regulations have been fairly reconsidered over the years. Although it is pretty clear in the film Creed that Donnie Johnson’s mother does not think so. In fact, she makes it clear that she is very afraid of him following his father’s footsteps of, dying in the ring. Of course, that does not stop him and he goes to the man that fought his father himself, and asks him to train him. And you know who that is. ROCKY!

Creed belongs on The Shelf because...

One thing that is clear in this film, Michael B. Jordan TRAINED for this film. With multiple scenes in Creed demonstrating the limits he pushed his body; we cannot help but want to run into the gym immediately ourselves and get moving. But we can’t all have the famous Rocky ourselves training us himself for that moment in the ring we wait for our entire lives. And we mean that both literally and metaphorically. With a long montage of training that took place and a dedicated moment to Rocky’s well-known moment of running up those famous steps, we are obsessed with the inspirational feeling that radiates from this movie. Grab Creed yourself and we guarantee that you will be using that gym membership finally.

Following in the footsteps of a classic franchise, should 9/10 times not be attempted. But, guess what? This film turns out to be that 1.  With the appearance from Sylvester Stallone as not only a cameo, but as a consistent character, Michael B. Jordan’s abs, and an ending we can all feel good about, Creed does a great job at adding to the legacy. Now, I am not going to lie to you and tell you that this film carries the same worth as the original, classic Rocky franchise. But I promise that it is an entertaining piece of workout inspiration that is absolutely a good watch. But we do not necessarily recommend that buttery popcorn while you watch this flick.

Melissa's Final Thoughts

Sit down to watch this film and we guarantee you will not sit down much after watching it. Due to the violence, we may not recommend it for your kids, but keep it up on that shelf till they go to sleep. Trust me, its worth it.

On The shelf