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Draft Day

Posted By Monica Nawrot

Sonny Weaver, played by Kevin Costner, is the fictional GM of the Cleveland Browns. Facing the pressure from the owner, he must make some risky decisions on draft day in order to make the team successful once again.

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About Draft Day

In Draft Day the Cleveland Browns GM, Sonny Weaver, must use his team's seventh overall pick to enhance his team. Facing pressure from the team's owner, Anthony Molina, as well as the head coach, Vince Penn, Sonny must play his cards right to make both sides happy. 

With the Seattle Seahawks owning the first overall pick GM Tom Michaels suggests a trade.This would let Sonny draft the number one quarterback prospect, Bo Callahan and please the Browns owner with the risky move. That being said, he would lose the Browns first-round draft picks for the next three years. However, once the deal is done and word gets out, fans and the team's front office are split. This espically pisses off Coach Penn who thinks he should've been consulted. With pressure mounting on him, Sonny begins to doubt his decision and wonders if he should have stuck with his original plan, drafting linebacker Vontae Mack. 

When the draft does begin there is still plenty of confusion for the viewers as to who Sonny is going to select. For the first time in the movie he sticks to his guns and selects Vontae Mack first overall. This throws fans and the Browns the front office into chaos. In another twist of events Sonny manages to get the sixth overall pick after making a trade with the Jacksonville Jaguars, putting him in a perfect position to draft Callahan. Instead, he calls up Michaels to get his first-round draft picks back in exchange for the sixth pick. Despite some push-back from Michaels he eventually gives in and the Browns end with one of the most successful drafts in their history.

Draft Day's Relation To Sport Business

From the very beginning of the film viewers get an inside look at just how stressful life working in professional sports could be. Sonny Weaver must put aside the daily stresses of life to purely focus on his profession. As the film progresses we see more examples of Sonny's personal life and professional hardships intertwine. As someone who has always wanted to work in professional sport this made me realize that although the job can be very exciting and fulfilling, it can also take a heavy toll. 

For those interested in professional sport and operations side it gives a fairly realistic view of what the role of general manager is like. Inside the war room we see how the room is set up, how employees interact with one another and the mayhem that is draft day. Despite not being a football fan myself, I found myself quite intriued by the possible career's the sport has to offer.     

Draft DaySport Industry Areas Touched

Draft Day Industry Endorsements

Draft Day has been suggested to us by sport industry professionals we talk to on a regular basis. See a list of those individuals below.

 Industry Professional  Organization  Position
Patrick Hum Laval Rocket Hockey Club Sales And Client Services Manager
Brandon Harrison Alfred State College - SUNY College of Technology Assistant Professor of Sport Management
Adam Krueger Toronto Argos Social Content Coordinator

Why watch Draft Day?

If you are a football fan or ever dreamed of working as a general manager in the sports industry Draft Day should be on your must-see list! It gives a great behind the scenes look at what working in such a high level position is like. Although it is dramatized as all movies are, it does a good job at not glamourising the position and showing the real stress and pressure Sonny faces. On the other hand, for the casual football fan it is interesting to see the insides workings of an NFL war room. From the last-minute trades to the nail-biting final decisions Draft Day will have viewers on the edge of their seats. 

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