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Coach Carter

Posted By Matias Bueno

Based on a true story, Coach Carter is a timeless sports movie that shows the importance of success in academics and athletics. This story of how Ken Carter leads the team shows the power of instilling discipline, work ethic and determination into his players.

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About Coach Carter

Coach Carter is a must see movie for any sports fan, in particular, student athletes. It tells the true story of Ken Carter who returns to coach the Varsity Boys basketball team at his alma mater. The players are not disciplined, egotistical and struggle academically. He uses his vision of putting academics before athletics to teach his players about the importance of succeeding off the court and how it leads to winning in all facets of life. His tough but fair and caring approach to the players shows that a strong foundation is necessary to becoming a champion. It also uncovers many of the issues that these students from rougher backgrounds deal with and why it is important as a coach to not only to be a role model but a mentor.

Coach Carter's Relation To Sport Business

Coach Carter shows a different form of leadership. Ken Carter doesn't give in to the normal way of doing things or how society has allowed things to be done. He recognizes that the athletes weren't getting enough academic attention due to the lack of funding the school receives. He believes in all of his players and doesn't allow them to play unless they also succeed in the classroom. This is important for every sport enthusiast to see as it shows the gap in sport and education funding and also shows what it takes to be a good leader.

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Coach Carter Industry Endorsements

Coach Carter has been suggested to us by sport industry professionals we talk to on a regular basis. See a list of those individuals below.

 Industry Professional  Organization  Position
Nekias Duncan, The Dunker Spot Writer and Podcaster
Joelle Wood Ontario Hockey League Manager of Communications
Marcus Hanson First Touch Football Canada Founder
Lizanne Murphy Canadian Olympic Committee Program Manager of National Sport Organization Services
Daniel Alvarado Atlanta United FC Digital Media Coordinator

Why watch Coach Carter?

Coach Carter is one of the best basketball and sports movies of all time. Its simple, yet powerful message on the importance of discipline, respect and work ethic in all facets of life can apply to any person watching. The lessons that the players learn on their way to the State Championship tournament sticks with them after their time playing, which helps fulfill Coach Carter's ultimate goal. The power of intrinsic motivation is also displayed in the character development of the players who start out not believing in his message, but in the end takes initiative on uncovering what he is trying to teach them. The firms principles that Coach Carter holds himself accountable for despite backlash from the town is also inspiring as viewers learn that standing up for what is right is more crucial than following the crowd. For student athletes who watch this movie, realizing how lucky it is to have someone like Coach Carter in their lives is a great point to internally reflect on. The ending also drives home the main point Coach Carter is making, since it may be unexpected by the audience but ultimately shows that winning and losing is more than just the numbers on the scoreboard. 

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