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Chelsea Purcell’s Unique Path to Becoming the General Manager of a Professional Sport Team: From Player to Management

Trevor Stephens | 2 years ago
SPMA features many sport professionals. But few are able to say they've been a player and a General Manager of a professional sport team. What's more, is being a gold medalist and seeing athletic success in multiple sports. Chelsea Purcell checks off all those boxes. In fact, she played in...
Industry Profiles

Balancing SPMA with OCAA Basketball Success: MVP Emily Glendinning

Trevor Stephens | 2 years ago
Emily Glendinning is an OCAA Women's Basketball star. She was just named an OCAA East Division First-Team All-Star. Also, she won team Most Valuable Player (MVP) honours for the Durham Lords. In addition to her basketball prowess, Glendinning is a Sport Management major. Similar to my interview with OCAA volleyball...
Industry Profiles

Balancing SPMA with OCAA Volleyball Success: A Sit Down with MVP Tyler Krabi

Trevor Stephens | 2 years ago
As a former varsity athlete, I always hoped we'd get more fans and media attention. With Most Valuable Player (MVP) awards given out last week at Durham College, I thought it'd be nice to sit down with an award winner who also has a background in sport management. One of...
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Why Soccer Community Sport Organizations Should Use Social Media

Trevor Stephens | 3 years ago
I grew up playing for two soccer-oriented Community Sport Organizations (CSOs). As a youngster, I just played the game! I rarely thought of organization, planning and strategy that went into games, practices and day-to-day operations. How ignorant of me. Right? I didn’t think about those things until I started my...
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