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Morgan Campbell’s Sports Prism: The Intersection of Sport and Society

Mat Israelson | 2 years ago
Sport fans are addicted to sports. There is little else in the world that influences people to wear a group’s or organization’s logo on their clothing or to tattoo it to their skin like a sports team does. It is that influence on society that sports journalist Morgan Campbell attempts...
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Raptors Play-by Play Analyst Eric Smith: “Don’t Sweat the BIG Stuff”

Mat Israelson | 2 years ago
For Toronto Raptors fans, Eric Smith is a familiar, neutralizing and harmonious voice. For decades, he has covered “Canada’s team” for Rogers Media Incorporated. From 2005-2014, Smith served as the colour commentator on radio and then was propelled into the role of play-by-play. Eric Smith posing with the Larry O'Brien...
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