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If you’re looking for consulting or need someone to plan, produce, and execute your live and/or virtual event from inception to production, Costante Group is your solution.

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Studying Sport

Protected: Managing the Media at Sport Events

SPMA | 5 years ago
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Road Teams Fans Traveling More

SPMA | 5 years ago
Sports fans who love their sports teams seem to be traveling more and more to see their teams play when they’re on the road. Frankly, this is not anything new. Fans who may have been relocated to a new city have always come out to support the teams they grew...
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About Event Management

Working in sport event management is rewarding but challenging.

Every event is a product, outcome and occurrence. Before the event begins, there is a lot of planning. Therefore, the pressure for perfection in sport event management is high.

The components involved depend on the event's nature, the time, the place and the clientele. No two events will have identical organizational structures, but many elements are common to sport event management.

Close the popup, and you will find powerful sport industry features and profiles of leaders working in sport event management. Features include but are not limited to game day presentation presidents, vice presidents, directors, managers, and coordinators.

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