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Lindsay Smith Continues Her Reign As Assistant Manager Of Sport At Whitehorse 2020 Arctic Winter Games

Amanda Hope | 2 months ago | BIG READ
Lindsay Smith is the Assistant Manager of Sport for the 2020 Arctic Games in Whitehorse. Her main roles include overseeing the sport division portfolio; more specifically sporting schedules, sport equipment purchasing, sport technical, sport officials, and mission services. Every day poses a different challenge to overcome but she lets us...
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Happy Holidays & A Happy New Year From SPMA!

SPMA | 4 months ago | QUICK READ
View this post on Instagram ? ? ? ? ? ☃️ ⁣ ⁣ SPort MAnagement (SPMA) Hub would like to wish you a Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year. ? ⁣ ⁣ Before we embark on a break for the holidays, we share a few HUGE presents for you...

GroundbreakHERs Celebrate 1-Year Anniversary Watching Raptors Defeat 76ers 101-96

Ismael Cifuentes | 4 months ago | BIG READ GroundbreakHERs is a gender-inclusive initiative headed up by a group of women working in sales at MLSE (Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment Partnership). ⚽️ They host panels, workshops, and other fun events to demonstrate, discuss and celebrate gender diversity in the sport industry. The co-founders of GroundbreakHERs currently working...
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GroundbreakHER Story: Danielle Henry, Account Executive Of Event Sales For MLSE

Haley Morey | 4 months ago | BIG READ
Danielle Henry is an Account Executive for Event Sales with Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment (MLSE). This means that she gets to work with teams such as the Raptors, Maple Leafs, Argos, and TFC ⚽. Danielle started as an Account Executive two years ago, focusing on group and event sales...
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Autumn Spicer Manages Community Events In & Around Las Vegas For WNBA’s Aces With Rigor & Passion

| 4 months ago | BIG READ
Autumn Spicer, Community Relations Manager for the Las Vegas Aces, is in charge of overseeing Las Vegas Aces player and coach appearances, as well as managing donation requests and calendar planning. Basically, it’s her responsibility to ensure that the team maintains a relationship within the community during the season and...
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Former Pro Hockey Star Florence Schelling Quickly Becomes Head Coach Of Swiss U18 Women’s Hockey Team

Amanda Hope | 5 months ago | BIG READ
Florence Schelling, head coach of Switzerland's U18 Women’s National Hockey Team, went from being a goaltender in the league to now retiring and coaching girls who are now in the exact same position that she once was! As a huge fan of the Olympics, I have followed Florence’s career on...
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Alana Gattinger, Operations Manager At Rugby Canada Became First Female Rugby Manager At World Cup

Anthony Clark | 5 months ago | BIG READ
Alana Gattinger is the Operations Manager for the Men's National 15s Team at Rugby Canada. In fact, when it was announced that she'd be the Operations Manager just in time for the Rugby World Cup, tons of press came out! Why? Because Alana Gattinger was making history! She became the...
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The Youngest Woman Ever Certified As An NBA Agent, Colby Schinto, Chats With Us

Hayley Michie | 6 months ago | BIG READ
Well... this is a first for us. We've never had an agent featured on our SPort MAnagement (SPMA) Hub! So, when I first reached out to one after seeing her amazing stuff, I was hoping she'd agree. I couldn't be more pleased that she, Colby Schinto, agreed to chat. Colby...
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Utah Jazz VP Of Marketing & Fan Development Elaina Pappas Shares Player’s Championship Vision

| 6 months ago | BIG READ
Elaina Pappas is the Vice President of Marketing & Fan Development with the Utah Jazz. We began following her work since she was named one of Utah Business’ 20 in Their 20s for her outstanding work with the Jazz in the 2017 playoffs. Her calm, poignant and confident demeanor caught...
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For Angel McGee, Working For Kansas City Royals & 2020 Super Bowl Winning Chiefs Goes Beyond The Field

Dekota Kirby | 6 months ago | BIG READ
Angel McGee is the Manager of Communications and Outreach of the Kansas City MLB Urban Youth Academy for the Kansas City Royals. In the fall/winter, Angel McGee is the Field Coordinator for the Kansas City Chiefs. When one season ends, the next begins for Angel. My favourite thing about talking...
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Andrea Johnson Toggles Between Student President & Coaching Association of Canada

Naeem Ahmed | 6 months ago | BIG READ
Andrea Johnson is Project Coordinator for Diversity and Inclusion at the Coaching Association of Canada. At the same time, she's completing her Master's degree and heading up the uOttawa Sport Business Club (uOSBC). With the biggest part of the club happening tonight, I thought it'd be timely to release this...
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IIHF Referee Katie Guay Poised To Become First Female NHL On-Ice Referee

Anthony Clark | 6 months ago | BIG READ
Katie Guay is an International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) referee and leads the USA Hockey Foundation as Director of Philanthropy. Her life is all about hockey and has been that way for a long time. Katie Guay's hockey journey started at age 6. Her siblings played the game so she...

Emily Jaenson, GM of MiLB’s Reno Aces Brings Creativity, Innovation & Experience to Nevada Baseball Team

David Minor | 8 months ago | QUICK READ
Emily Jaenson is the General Manager (GM) of the Reno Aces. It was announced just over a year ago and caught widespread attention from the media. A common theme in the headlines was that Emily Jaenson had just become the highest-ranking female executive in Minor League Baseball (MiLB). At the...
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GroundbreakHER Story: Brittney Pagniello, Account Manager Of Sales At MLSE

SPMA | 8 months ago | QUICK READ
Brittney Pagniello is an Account Manager of Sales at MLSE (Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment Partnership). She'll also at this evening's Summer Social, in charge of capturing it all on camera. In Brittney's own words, she's by no means a photographer but will look pretty convincing with her DSLR camera....
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GroundbreakHER Story: Marlee Shinoff, Account Executive Of Membership At MLSE

SPMA | 8 months ago | QUICK READ
Marlee Shinoff is an Account Executive of Membership at MLSE. She's also one of several MLSE employees who help make GroundbreakHERs come to life. Time is ticking! The Summer Social is just a couple of sleeps away. So, it's only right that we chat with the remaining few individuals who...
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GroundbreakHER Story: Nico Serratore, Account Manager for Premium LIVE Events and Concerts at MLSE

Haley Morey | 8 months ago | BIG READ
Nico Serratore is an Account Manager for Premium LIVE Events and Concerts at Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment (MLSE). Just like fellow MLSE employees Genadyne Charr, Nicole Sefarty, Danielle Henry, Ainsley Northam, and others, Nico Serratore is a co-founder of GroundbreakHERs. In fact, it was Danielle Henry and Nico Serratore...
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GroundbreakHER Story: Ainsley Northam, Account Executive In Sales At MLSE

SPMA | 8 months ago | QUICK READ
Ainsley Northam is an Account Executive in Sales at Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment (MLSE). Just like fellow MLSE employees Genadyne Charr, Nicole Sefarty, Danielle Henry, and others, Ainsley Northam is a co-founder of GroundbreakHERs. In case this is the first GroundbreakHER Story you've seen from SPMA, here's the low...
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GroundbreakHER Story: Nicole Serfaty, Account Manager Of Premium Service For MLSE

SPMA | 8 months ago | QUICK READ
Nicole Serfaty is an Account Manager of Premium Service at MLSE. Just like fellow MLSE employee Genadyne Charr, Nicole is a co-founder for GroundbreakHERs. Actually, she's playing a large role in planning, organizing and executing the upcoming Summer Social in particular. In fact, she's leading it! [showmodule id="277368"] What's more,...
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GroundbreakHER Story: Genadyne Charr, Sales Account Executive For MLSE

Dekota Kirby | 8 months ago | BIG READ
Genadyne Charr is a Sales Account Executive for MLSE. First and foremost, she is my friend and former basketball teammate. We played college basketball together during the 2016-17 season. Genadyne is one of a kind. She was one of the most inspirational, well-spoken, hard-working, supportive, and positive teammates I had...
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