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The Voice of the Raptors: Matt Devlin’s Sport Industry Journey

SPMA | April 30, 2019
Matt Devlin is the on-air play-by-play announcer for the Toronto Raptors. He replaced Chuck Swirsky in 2008 and has since become the "voice" of the Toronto Raptors on TSN and Sportsnet telecasts. Matt Devlin's journey to become a mainstay on sports television has had many ups and downs. In this...
Studying Sport

Lebron James Instagram is More Than Basketball

SPMA | April 29, 2019
Everybody knows Lebron James, the basketball player. In fact, the 34 year-old native of Akron, Ohio is one of the greatest professional basketball players of all-time. The 6’8” forward just completed his 16th NBA season, his first with the Los Angeles Lakers. When the 2019-20 season gets underway, James will...
Studying Sport

6 Best Sport Marketing Strategies For Your Company

SPMA | April 28, 2019
After reading this article, you will have a clear understanding of what is sport marketing, and the best sport marketing strategies that will help you engage existing fans and win new ones. The North American sport market rose to over 80 billion dollars Canadian in 2018 according to these statistics. Any marketer...

Toronto Raptors Players (+ Nick Nurse) Sporting Their Own Logos

SPMA | April 22, 2019
With our base in Canada, we see Toronto pro athletes a lot: on TV, online and on the streets. We've noticed some of the Toronto Raptors key players including Pascal Siakam, Kyle Lowry, Norm Powell, and Fred Van Vleet with their own logos. We've also seen the head coach, Nick...

The Full Legalization of Sports Betting in Canada Could Be Coming to Reality

SPMA | April 21, 2019
Sports betting in its fullest form could be coming to Canada very soon! We explore the who, what, where, when, why, and how this may be a possibility. Sports betting in Canada has been a reserved underground operation, hiding from the public eye to generate revenue for enterprises. However, in...
Studying Sport

The Reverse Socialization of Sport Fans – Do Children Influence Their Parents Fandom?

Mat Israelson | April 17, 2019
If you were to take a survey of 100 people and ask them how they came to be fans of their favourite sports teams, a vast majority of them would probably tell you that their favourite sports team was inherited or passed down from their parents. In other words, many...

Who’s in Charge of Professional Athletes?

SPMA | April 16, 2019
This is a very broad ranging question for professional athletes who have agreed to contracts. In some cases, the rules are clear as to what the athlete has control over and what the team does. However, in other cases, you have to look deeper into the contracts, or the collective...

What Ever Happened to the Markham Arena for Big Time Events?

SPMA | April 16, 2019
No, we're not talking about the Markham Centennial Centre or the Markham PanAm Centre in Markham, Ontario, Canada. We're talking about what was supposed to be a huge venue for the glitziest events, sport and What ever happened to the 20,000 Seat, NHL-ready multi-sport (and entertainment) arena in Downtown Markham?...
Studying Sport

How to Stand Out: A Crowded Professional Sport Saturday in Toronto

SPMA | April 13, 2019
It’s going to be a day full of expectations in Toronto, Canada today as four major professional sports teams will all begin action starting at 3 pm Eastern Daylight Time on Saturday. The Toronto Blue Jays will start things off with some regular season action at home against the Tampa...
Industry Profiles

Raptors Play-by Play Analyst Eric Smith: “Don’t Sweat the BIG Stuff”

Mat Israelson | April 12, 2019
For Toronto Raptors fans, Eric Smith is a familiar, neutralizing and harmonious voice. For decades, he has covered “Canada’s team” for Rogers Media Incorporated. From 2005-2014, Smith served as the colour commentator on radio and then was propelled into the role of play-by-play. Eric Smith posing with the Larry O'Brien...
Industry Profiles

Game Day Operations with Taylor Dean

Mat Israelson | April 6, 2019
Taylor Dean started her education with a desire to one day work for Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment (MLSE). Dean’s interest in working for the Toronto Maple Leafs drove her into studies as she aimed to make it in the sport of hockey. While many young Ontario-natives dream of playing...

Post-Game Celebrations in Sport: Carolina Hurricanes Controversy

SPMA | April 4, 2019
Post-game celebrations in sport. What would sport be without them? Like most major sports, celebrating a win is something normally done in traditional fashion. Players will congratulate each other and try not to go out of their way to show their opponent up. In hockey, players typically go so far...

Is Good Sportsmanship a Lost Art?

SPMA | March 29, 2019
Sport is about competition. Whether you are competing as an individual or in a team environment, the goal is to win. Nonetheless, just because you are competing doesn’t mean that you can’t show good sportsmanship and respect for your opponents and fellow competitors. Sportsmanship: "Poor Sports" Attract Attention But in...

Sport Coverage: Sport Figures Are People Too

SPMA | March 20, 2019
There has never been as much coverage of sport as there is in today’s society. Indeed, just flip on your television and you’ll find a multitude of channels offering twenty-four hour coverage of sports. These programs include talking heads who endlessly discuss the hot topics of the day and continue...

Smack Talk: Reacting to Live Fans Who Do It

SPMA | March 19, 2019
Background Russell Westbrook’s incident with a Utah Jazz fan is nothing new. It's a case of smack talk taken to extremes. We often believe racial abuse in sport is minimal. Especially that directed towards high-profile athletes. However, it does exist. Westbrook’s altercation with a Jazz fan and his wife is...

Dear John: Every Team Needs a Fan like Kimmy Moisa

Mat Israelson | March 13, 2019
Anticipating the return of John Tavares to the Island as a Toronto Maple Leaf, Channel 12 News, Long Island television station, had a mission. Their mission: to create a video portraying the feelings of six Islander fans willing to share their feelings. So looking into the camera, participants were asked...

Load Management in Sport

SPMA | March 10, 2019
Load management in sport means managing the training load (time, intensity and type) of an athlete. It is imperative all the time for people and athletes who engage in regular exercise. For uninjured athletes, a key factor like periodization (a planned training calendar that shows high and low-intensity periods) is...

Vladdy Jr. Ready? Jays Brass Try To Prove Not

SPMA | March 8, 2019
Vladamir Guerrero Jr. had one of the most powerful one handed swings seen in spring training for the Jays in several years last Saturday. In case you missed it, here it is: Vlad Jr.'s swing is effortless. #SpringTraining — MLB (@MLB) March 3, 2019   Clear Power for Vladdy...
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