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Industry Profiles

Event Manager of BC Games Society, Kyler Nurmsoo, Eyed Working in Non-Profit Sport From The Start

Mat Israelson | 4 years ago
Kyler Nurmsoo is the Event Manager for the BC Games Society. It was a long, long time ago that Kyler and I teamed up to investigate the "recent" policy of the National Basketball Association (NBA) regarding the use of technical fouls to curtain undue demonstrativeness by its players. In fact,...
Industry Profiles

From Sales to Ottawa Senators Social Media Coordinator: Brianne Pankoff’s Ambition Led To Her Current Role

Amber Somerville | 4 years ago
Brianne Pankoff is the Social Media Coordinator at Senators Sports & Entertainment. This means Brianne manages social content for the Ottawa Senators, one of 7 Canadian teams in the National Hockey League (NHL). Brianne literally represents the Ottawa Senators in one of the most visible ways possible; through social media....
Industry Profiles

From My Classmate to Niagara IceDogs Hockey Executive: Nino Bourikas

Mat Israelson | 4 years ago
Nino Bourikas is the Director of Community Marketing and Group Sales for the Niagara IceDogs Hockey Club. The IceDogs are one of the most illustrious minor hockey teams in the world. For an Ontario Hockey League (OHL) team, their city rallies behind them like few others. I've known Nino for...

Nao Okumura Is Studying Sport Leadership In The UK To Help Less Fortunate With Homeless Rugby

SPMA | 4 years ago
Nao Okumura first came to our attention when emerging data analyst Sonia Ścibor, said his understanding of rugby culture is on another level. When we asked Nao why Sonia would bring him up, he answered, "Probably because I'm only Japanese guy on campus! And I'm always talking about rugby culture...
Industry Profiles

CEBL’s VP of League Operations, Josh Knoester Credits Work Ethic & Networking for Sport Industry Success

Phil Goldberg | 4 years ago
After featuring Michelle Biskup, we knew we had to get in touch with Josh Knoester ASAP. Hearing from Michelle about how Josh volunteered at the introductory press conference to announce the River Lions coming to Niagara piqued our interest. What's more is that shortly after the PC, he became the...
Industry Profiles

Marketing Coordinator for Tampa Bay Rays Affiliate, Emily Almond Mixes Sport Education & Charisma In Her Role

Mat Israelson | 4 years ago
Emily Almond is the Marketing Coordinator for the Durham Bulls, the Triple-A affiliate of the Tampa Bay Rays. Emily took time from the very little and precious amount of it she has to spare, to answer questions about her role with the Bulls. To no surprise, Emily is a well-educated...
Industry Profiles

Events Partnership Specialist at Curling Canada, Melissa Hicks, Works Together with Local Businesses

Haley Morey | 4 years ago
Melissa Hicks is the Events Partnership Specialist for Curling Canada. This means that Hicks represents Curling Canada when local businesses partner up to gain exposure in their many national curling events. She seeks, fosters and maintains marketing relationships with all kinds of local businesses. Hick’s role allows her to work...
Industry Profiles

Community Partnerships & Events Manager Samantha Brewer Is Shaping Hamilton Pro Sport

Amber Somerville | 4 years ago
We had the pleasure of chatting with a leader in professional sport for forming community partnerships, Samantha Brewer. Brewer is currently the Community Partnerships and Events Manager for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and Forge FC. And just in case you didn’t know, Hamilton is a fairly decent sized city on the...
Industry Profiles

Sonia Ścibor Is An Emerging Sport Data Analyst in Europe: Tracking Her Rapid Career Ascent

Mat Israelson | 4 years ago
Sonia Ścibor is an emerging star in the Sport Management field. But Sonia is unique from others we've featured so far. First, Sonia is the epitome of a global sport professional. She's traveled across the globe, to some of the biggest and best international sporting events to gain knowledge in...
Industry Profiles

Edmonton Eskimos’ Director of Football Operations Kris Hagerman and His Journey to the CFL

Mat Israelson | 4 years ago
Kris Hagerman is the Director of Football Operations for the Canadian Football League's (CFL) Edmonton Eskimo Football Club. We've known Kris for over a decade and have been following his journey since he was doing his Sport Management undergrad. Kris Hagerman started his journey with the Edmonton Eskimos in 2012....
Industry Profiles

Game Day Operations with Taylor Dean

Mat Israelson | 4 years ago
Taylor Dean started her education with a desire to one day work for Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment (MLSE). Dean’s interest in working for the Toronto Maple Leafs drove her into studies as she aimed to make it in the sport of hockey. While many young Ontario-natives dream of playing...
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