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Industry Profiles

Yahoo Sports Canada Lead Reporter William Lou Covers Everything Toronto Raptors

Rikesh Mistry | January 24, 2020
William Lou is the Lead Reporter for Yahoo Sports Canada. Will covers anything Toronto Raptors related. Everything from voicing his opinions on Twitter, writing insightful articles, as well as having a very entertaining podcast on Youtube! I have been following William for quite a while now and was heavily interested...
Industry Profiles

Holly Horton’s Role As An Anchor On Sportscentre Encompassed More Than On-Air

Melissa Mihalis | January 23, 2020
Sportscaster Holly Horton was an anchor on TSN's Sportscentre for a number of years. She is well known to this day for the role she played with TSN, writing introductions, researching content, broadcasting updates between content, and anchoring Sportscentre. When Holly and I connected about this interview, I was super...
Industry Profiles

The Voice Narrating NBA Top 10 Videos On & Turner Sports Is The Legend Beau Estes

Phil Goldberg | December 10, 2019
Beau Estes is an anchor for Turner Sports and the person behind the rhymes, hosting the NBA Top 10 and the daily morning podcast called Fast Break. Beau Estes talks to us about his most memorable moments in sportscasting, his new venture with NBL Australia and gives us insight into...
Industry Profiles

Yahoo Sports Freelancer Alex Wong Wrote Best-Selling Book About Raptors 2019 Championship Run

SPMA | November 26, 2019
Alex Wong is a Freelance Writer for Yahoo Sports Canada. Alex also writes for GQ, SLAM, The New Yorker, and The New York Times! I have been following Alex's work for quite some time, especially through the 2018-19 Toronto Raptors season, as well as through the Championship Playoffs #wethenorth. Throughout...
Industry Profiles

LSU Alumni Emily Dixon Has Two Roles Within LSU’s Football Program, One Of Which She Created For Herself!

Anthony Clark | November 19, 2019
Emily Dixon is the Coordinator of Offensive Operations for LSU Football and Multimedia Reporter for The latter position, Emily CREATED FOR HERSELF upon returning to LSU's Athletics Department! #boss Emily Dixon's two roles within the LSU Athletics Department often feel like more than just two roles, but she is...
Industry Profiles

Clara Koeltzow Gets Football & Baseball Fans Hyped With Amazing Graphics

SPMA | November 14, 2019
Clara Koeltzow is a Motion Graphics Artist working in the sport industry. Clara Koeltzow was drawn to the sport industry from a young age because nothing brings people together like sports! Clara Koeltzow is very passionate about her graphics work. She tells us how nothing is better than seeing the...
Industry Profiles

Monika Platek, CBC Sports Senior Producer Of Social Media Already Ramping Up For Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Anthony Clark | October 24, 2019
Monika Platek is the Senior Producer of Social Media for CBC Sports. She started her journey in the sports industry with Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment, as a part of their Game Crew, hired by Carlton the Bear. Now, she uses her position at CBC Sports to tell the RIGHT...
Industry Profiles

Zach Galia Directs Social Media For The NFL’s Arizona Cardinals From Instagram To Reddit & TikTok

Mat Israelson | October 21, 2019
Zachary Galia is the Director of Social Media for the NFL's Arizona Cardinals, and today I had the pleasure of getting to know more about him and his position. I knew we had to get him on the SPort MAnagement (SPMA) Hub after seeing some of the unique posts across...
Industry Profiles

Detail-Oriented Video Producer Angela Su Captures & Manages Leafs & Argos Footage For MLSE

David Minor | October 21, 2019
Angela Su is a Producer with Maple Leaf Sport & Entertainment (MLSE) and has worked with the company since 2016. In her role, she often finds herself doing many different tasks to get the various pieces of content completed. From scheduling to filming, and editing, to giving a piece the...
Industry Profiles

Renee Washington Transformed From 3-Time All American NCAA Athlete Into Sports Reporter

Hayley Michie | October 10, 2019
Renee Washington is a sports reporter after an accomplished career as a dual-sport athlete for Le Salle University in track and soccer. Nothing captures Renee better than (our favourite) emojis found on her Instagram bio. ⚽️Retired 3x All-American Reporter @espn+Reporter @aflblackjacks @washmystics reporter It was exciting when I connected with Renee because I've...
Industry Profiles

Digital Media Designer for the Charlotte Hornets, Jesse Diebolt, Living Out a Dream

Phil Goldberg | June 28, 2019
Jesse Diebolt is the Digital Media Designer for the Charlotte Hornets. This means that Jesse is responsible for designing a lot of the graphic content that fans see. As a Digital Media Designer, Jesse works with images, effects, and animation for film, video, computers, and other digital channels such as...

Sports Media Business for Women: Roslyn McLarty “Side-Hustled” & Co-Founded The GIST

Haley Morey | June 21, 2019
Along with two friends, Roslyn McLarty "side-hustled" for the better part of a year to make their premonition of starting a women-focused sports media platform come to life. And oh my! Have they ever made that happen. Their sports media business, designed mainly for a female audience as well as...
Industry Profiles

Kishan Mistry is a CHAMPION Sports Photographer & Content Creator!!!

Rikesh Mistry | June 20, 2019
Have you taken pictures of people playing sports before? Surely, it can be a daunting task to get the perfect sports action shot. More often than not, sports photos turn out too blurry, too shaky, or too late in getting that key moment. Whether its as small as players celebrating,...
Industry Profiles

The Voice of the Raptors: Matt Devlin’s Sport Industry Journey

SPMA | April 30, 2019
Matt Devlin is the on-air play-by-play announcer for the Toronto Raptors. He replaced Chuck Swirsky in 2008 and has since become the "voice" of the Toronto Raptors on TSN and Sportsnet telecasts. Matt Devlin's journey to become a mainstay on sports television has had many ups and downs. In this...

Morgan Campbell’s Sports Prism: The Intersection of Sport and Society

Mat Israelson | April 19, 2019
Sport fans are addicted to sports. There is little else in the world that influences people to wear a group’s or organization’s logo on their clothing or to tattoo it to their skin like a sports team does. It is that influence on society that sports journalist Morgan Campbell attempts...
Industry Profiles

Raptors Play-by Play Analyst Eric Smith: “Don’t Sweat the BIG Stuff”

Mat Israelson | April 12, 2019
For Toronto Raptors fans, Eric Smith is a familiar, neutralizing and harmonious voice. For decades, he has covered “Canada’s team” for Rogers Media Incorporated. From 2005-2014, Smith served as the colour commentator on radio and then was propelled into the role of play-by-play. Eric Smith posing with the Larry O'Brien...
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