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Industry Profiles

Abilities Centre’s Unique Leader: CEO and President, Stuart McReynolds

Dekota Kirby | July 11, 2019
Stuart McReynolds is the President and CEO of the Abilities Centre. Stuart literally started from the bottom in sport, climbing his way up position by position. But not without many challenges. Stu, as many call him for short, is a native of the United Kingdom. He went to school for...
Industry Profiles

Ringette Ontario’s Operations Coordinator, Annie Goncin, Knew Sport Was Her @ Wheelchair Basketball Canada

Phil Goldberg | July 8, 2019
Annie Goncin is the Operations Coordinator for Ringette Ontario. If you tell her 13-year old self that, she may not believe she’d one day be working as a Sport Manager! That’s because Annie dreamed of one day becoming a Paramedic. One course changed her career aspirations almost instantaneously. And now...
Industry Profiles

Manager of Domestic Development at Canada Basketball, Ron Yeung Has His Hands Full After Raptors Win NBA Title

Dekota Kirby | June 26, 2019
Ron Yeung is the Manager of Domestic Development at Canada Basketball. Yeung defines this new generation of young Canadian basketball players who are carving and customizing a pathway to global excellence in sport. Not only does he do that for Canada basketball, but he also serves as Executive Board Member...

3 x 3 Basketball Gem & Saskatchewan Rattler Michael Linklater is an Indigenous Role Model

Amber Somerville | June 22, 2019
Simply put, Michael Linklater has been one of Canada’s best basketball players for a couple decades now. Sure, his name doesn’t have the allure of Steve Nash and Andrew Wiggins. And no, Michael Linklater never played basketball in the NBA. Linklater’s biggest success on the court comes from playing 3...
Industry Profiles

Canadian Elite Taekwondo Athlete Jordan Stewart Also Majored In Sport Management

SPMA | June 18, 2019
Jordan Stewart is currently one of Canada's most prolific and elite athletes in the sport of taekwondo. In the Men's under 87 kilogram category, Stewart is ranked #7 in the world. We've known Stewart for over a year now. In that time, we've followed his journey to stardom on his...

Jessie Heims: The Incredible Story of an Elite Athlete #ampprobs

SPMA | June 12, 2019
No doubt about it, Jessie Heims is a phenomenal athlete. And she's an athlete you're going to hear an awful lot about very soon. That's because the 2020 Tokyo Summer Paralympic Games are just over a year away. She's been at the Games before. In fact, at the young age...

Athletes with Amniotic Band Syndrome (ABS) OWNING Sports

SPMA | June 12, 2019
There's a steadily growing number of A+ athletes born with Amniotic Band Syndrome. Initially, this may be a shocking thought. You may be wondering the following question. How could someone with Amniotic Band Syndrome (ABS) possibly be an A+ athlete, let alone thrive in playing sports? ABS can result in...

Ontario’s Investment in Sport Comes with Alcohol, Gambling and Fighting

SPMA | May 22, 2019
Today's Ontario government has its eye on sport using a lens that differs from the past. A few weeks ago, we ran two stories about the Ontario government’s involvement in sport. The first was about Ontario’s plan for sport after the Para/Pan Am Games under the former Liberal government. The...
Studying Sport

How Long Does a Basketball Game Really Last?

SPMA | May 21, 2019
As a sport, basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world. First officially played in 1981, the sport has grown a fair amount since then. Like all major sports, basketball witnessed a huge change with professionalization coming eventually, turning the amateur athletes into superstars of the day....
Studying Sport

All About Being an Athletic Director: What Does One Do?

SPMA | May 13, 2019
If you like sports, you may have heard of the job of athletic director. That sounds like a fun job. But what is an athletic director? What does an athletic director do? Well, there is a lot that goes into an athletic director’s job. It's one of many careers in...

NAIG Games: Volunteer To Be Part Of The Solution

SPMA | May 10, 2019
The North American Indigenous Games (NAIG) is an important event that is dedicated to improving the lives of indigenous youth who live in Canada and the United States. You can be part of this! If you have a passion for sport and would like to help others, keep reading to...
Industry Profiles

Tennis Canada’s Event Coordinator Nicole Artuso “Didn’t Know What She Wanted To Do Until…”

Mat Israelson | May 9, 2019
Nicole Artuso is the Tennis Professionals Association (TPA) and Professional Events at Tennis Canada. So what this means is that she assists with all TPA-related responsibilities as well as all professional events put on by Tennis Canada. We’ve known Nicole Artuso for two years so we’ve seen some of the...
Studying Sport

6 Best Sport Marketing Strategies For Your Company

SPMA | April 28, 2019
After reading this article, you will have a clear understanding of what is sport marketing, and the best sport marketing strategies that will help you engage existing fans and win new ones. The North American sport market rose to over 80 billion dollars Canadian in 2018 according to these statistics. Any marketer...
Industry Profiles

Balancing SPMA with OCAA Basketball Success: MVP Emily Glendinning

Trevor Stephens | April 20, 2019
Emily Glendinning is an OCAA Women's Basketball star. She was just named an OCAA East Division First-Team All-Star. Also, she won team Most Valuable Player (MVP) honours for the Durham Lords. In addition to her basketball prowess, Glendinning is a Sport Management major. Similar to my interview with OCAA volleyball...
Industry Profiles

Balancing SPMA with OCAA Volleyball Success: A Sit Down with MVP Tyler Krabi

Trevor Stephens | April 20, 2019
As a former varsity athlete, I always hoped we'd get more fans and media attention. With Most Valuable Player (MVP) awards given out last week at Durham College, I thought it'd be nice to sit down with an award winner who also has a background in sport management. One of...
Studying Sport

Why Soccer Community Sport Organizations Should Use Social Media

Trevor Stephens | April 12, 2019
I grew up playing for two soccer-oriented Community Sport Organizations (CSOs). As a youngster, I just played the game! I rarely thought of organization, planning and strategy that went into games, practices and day-to-day operations. How ignorant of me. Right? I didn’t think about those things until I started my...

Para/Pan Am Games Sprung A Plan for Sport in Ontario: Game ON

SPMA | April 8, 2019
It was the late summer of 2015. Ontario had just hosted a major multinational sport event. Yes indeed, the Para Am Games took over the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) from July 10 to 26, 2015. Toronto needed a break from the whirlwind of events. Some citizens spent their past 16+...
Industry Profiles

OCAA: From Bench Warmer to Bronze Medalist in Women’s Basketball

Steenika Gilbert | April 2, 2019
My name is Steenika Gilbert. I study Sport Management at Niagara College and I play forward for the Women's Basketball team. The start of my season with the Niagara Knights and playing as a OCAA athlete was amazing. I never expected to have my college basketball team turn into a family. My teammates helped me over come an illness I could not face on my own. With their love and support I went from a bench warmer, to starting playoff games.

Is Good Sportsmanship a Lost Art?

SPMA | March 29, 2019
Sport is about competition. Whether you are competing as an individual or in a team environment, the goal is to win. Nonetheless, just because you are competing doesn’t mean that you can’t show good sportsmanship and respect for your opponents and fellow competitors. Sportsmanship: "Poor Sports" Attract Attention But in...
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About Amateur Sport

This category looks at amateur sport in Canada and the United States of America and what it's like to work in it.

Amateur sport is synonymous with non-profit sport. Non-profit sport organizations primary purpose is to provide social services without interest in making a profit.

Non-profit sport organizations consist of three types.

Firstly, single-sport organizations are those responsible for one sport (ex. BC Diving Association, Athletes Canada, Timber Ridge Ski Club). Second, multi-sport organizations are responsible for several sports (ex. Canadian Olympic Committee, Canadian Colleges Athletics Association, Canada Games Committee). Third, multi-service sport organizations are responsible for providing services to single sport and multi-sport organizations (ex. Canadian Centre for Ethics and Sport, Athletes Canada, Coaching Association of Canada).

Moreover, there are a four levels of non-profit sport organizations.

International Sport Organizations

Firstly, International Federations (IFs) govern sport at a world level (ex. International Olympic Committee, International Basketball Federation and The Fédération Internationale de Football Association).

National Sport Organizations

Secondly, National Sport Organizations (NSOs) in Canada provide programs and services to national-level athletes and provide leadership to their member organizations. NSOs, pronounced “enessows” are commonly mentioned in Sport Management classes. Examples of "enessows" include Wheelchair Basketball Canada, Cricket Canada and Canada Soccer.

Provincial Sport Organizations

Third, Provincial Sport Organizations (PSOs) provide programs and services to provincial-level athletes and provide leadership to their member organizations. Likewise to NSOs, PSOs are pronounced “pee-s-ows” and are mentioned in Canadian Sport Management classes so much. Examples of “pee-s-ows” include Ontario Volleyball Association, British Columbia Amateur Hockey Association.

Community Sport Organizations

Finally, Community Sport Organizations (CSOs) provide many of the recreational and competitive sport opportunities we enjoy in our communities. CSOs, pronounced "see-s-ows" are another common buzz word around Canadian Sport Management campuses. Examples of these include the Erin Mills Soccer Club.

This category highlights people working within all the above types of amateur sport organizations.

In addition, government sport is discussed here with attention to the Federal, Provincial and Municipal levels.

Amateur sport consists of all sports in which athletes do not get paid for playing. This differs from professional sport. So here you will find articles relating to the OCAA, U SPORTS, youth sport, Indigenous sport, ParaSports, and the Olympic and Paralympic movement. There's more than that too! Also, if an article touches on the government's funding or lack thereof, towards amateur sport, you'll find an article about that here.

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