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Industry Profiles

The Fast Rise of Salt Lake City Stars Director of Basketball Operations, Nick Reick

Phil Goldberg | 4 years ago
Nick Reick is the Director of Basketball Operations for the Salt Lake City Stars, the G-League affiliate of the Utah Jazz. Nick has done so much in his career in sport, in such a short amount of time time. In fact, Nick Reick, a German native was just named Video...

Raptors 905 Mentor Coach Justin Alliman Is Helping Young Basketball Talent Chase Their Dreams

Sam Bougha | 4 years ago
Justin Alliman is a Global Basketball Development Coordinator. Justin runs an international basketball organization called Dream Chaserzzz. At the same time, he's a Mentor Coach for the Raptors 905. Not to mention, he represents the NBA on many international initiatives. Justin Alliman is destined for NBA greatness. He's been a...
Industry Profiles

From Sales to Ottawa Senators Social Media Coordinator: Brianne Pankoff’s Ambition Led To Her Current Role

Amber Somerville | 4 years ago
Brianne Pankoff is the Social Media Coordinator at Senators Sports & Entertainment. This means Brianne manages social content for the Ottawa Senators, one of 7 Canadian teams in the National Hockey League (NHL). Brianne literally represents the Ottawa Senators in one of the most visible ways possible; through social media....
Industry Profiles

CEBL’s VP of League Operations, Josh Knoester Credits Work Ethic & Networking for Sport Industry Success

Phil Goldberg | 4 years ago
After featuring Michelle Biskup, we knew we had to get in touch with Josh Knoester ASAP. Hearing from Michelle about how Josh volunteered at the introductory press conference to announce the River Lions coming to Niagara piqued our interest. What's more is that shortly after the PC, he became the...
Industry Profiles

Abilities Centre’s Unique Leader: CEO and President, Stuart McReynolds

Dekota Kirby | 4 years ago
Stuart McReynolds is the President and CEO of the Abilities Centre. Stuart literally started from the bottom in sport, climbing his way up position by position. But not without many challenges. Stu, as many call him for short, is a native of the United Kingdom. He went to school for...
Industry Profiles

Ringette Ontario’s Operations Coordinator, Annie Goncin, Knew Sport Was Her @ Wheelchair Basketball Canada

Phil Goldberg | 4 years ago
Annie Goncin is the Operations Coordinator for Ringette Ontario. If you tell her 13-year old self that, she may not believe she’d one day be working as a Sport Manager! That’s because Annie dreamed of one day becoming a Paramedic. One course changed her career aspirations almost instantaneously. And now...
Industry Profiles

Director of Operations at Niagara River Lions Michelle Biskup Started in Tourism Now She’s Here! Thriving in Sport

Amber Somerville | 4 years ago
Michelle Biskup is the Director of Operations for the Canadian Elite Basketball League's (CEBL) Niagara River Lions. This means that she gets to oversee every aspect that goes into running a professional basketball team. She studied Tourism Management in university and worked for three years right after at Fallsview Casino,...
Industry Profiles

Chelsea Purcell’s Unique Path to Becoming the General Manager of a Professional Sport Team: From Player to Management

Trevor Stephens | 4 years ago
SPMA features many sport professionals. But few are able to say they've been a player and a General Manager of a professional sport team. What's more, is being a gold medalist and seeing athletic success in multiple sports. Chelsea Purcell checks off all those boxes. In fact, she played in...
Industry Profiles

Interning With The Thunder Bay Border Cats – Required Much More Than Expected

Mat Israelson | 4 years ago
In 2010, I interned for a baseball team that goes by the name the Thunder Bay Border Cats. My official title was Game Day Operations intern, but the job was wayyy more than that. I learned so many areas of the sports industry and what each entailed. Funnily enough, I...
Industry Profiles

Sonia Ścibor Is An Emerging Sport Data Analyst in Europe: Tracking Her Rapid Career Ascent

Mat Israelson | 4 years ago
Sonia Ścibor is an emerging star in the Sport Management field. But Sonia is unique from others we've featured so far. First, Sonia is the epitome of a global sport professional. She's traveled across the globe, to some of the biggest and best international sporting events to gain knowledge in...
Industry Profiles

Manager of Equipment Operations for Toronto FC Academy – Riccardo Nero

Mat Israelson | 4 years ago
Riccardo Nero, the Equipment Operations Manager Toronto FC Academy at MLSE (Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment Partnership) is one of the hardest workers in the sport industry. That is what Stéphane Côté, Stadium Operations Coordinator for the Toronto Blue Jays said when justifying Riccardo as his choice for who we...
Industry Profiles

Edmonton Eskimos’ Director of Football Operations Kris Hagerman and His Journey to the CFL

Mat Israelson | 4 years ago
Kris Hagerman is the Director of Football Operations for the Canadian Football League's (CFL) Edmonton Eskimo Football Club. We've known Kris for over a decade and have been following his journey since he was doing his Sport Management undergrad. Kris Hagerman started his journey with the Edmonton Eskimos in 2012....
Studying Sport

For Team Operations Coordinator Tenneya Martin of Raptors 905: Balance is Key!

Austin Wagar | 4 years ago
I was lucky enough to sit down and speak with Tenneya Martin. Tenneya is a Sport Management graduate who just finished her first full season with the Raptors 905. Tenneya interned with and now works for Raptors 905, a Canadian professional basketball team in the NBA G-League. Her role is the...
Industry Profiles

Stadium Operations Coordinator Stéphane Côté is Living the Dream with the Blue Jays

Mat Israelson | 4 years ago
Stéphane Côté is the Stadium Operations Coordinator for the Toronto Blue Jays. We've known Stéphane Côté for three years and we have tracked his journey from the Toronto FC to his current role with the Toronto Blue Jays. Below Stéphane tells us what it is like to work for Canada's...
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